Wedding Photojournalism

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Matt’s Wedding Photojournalism

My photojournalism background led to my approach in capturing weddings. My first couple specifically sought out a photojournalist. Building on that, I initially only capturing weddings through Keystone’s wedding department. Working with them taught me the business details and I’m as proud of his business and customer service skills as my photography!

I seek to tell the story of your wedding day from getting ready to the last dance.

I also recognize that a wedding day is a bit of a family reunion, too, and approaches this important photography with efficiency, great humor and excellent skills with photographing large groups.

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Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism from a real photojournalist! Visit the galleries below to see my comprehensive approach to capturing weddings.
(Galleries are being built.)

Engagement Lifestyles

A lifestyles approach to engagement portraits

The Wedding Day

From getting ready to the reception’s end

Wedding Day Portraits

Capturing you both

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