Photojournalism & Editorial

Vision defined

My earliest photography hinted I would at photojournalism. In high school I began shooting pictures for the local paper. In college I excelled in NPPA (National Press Photographers Association) competitions and earned a reputation as the go-to photographer for Northern Arizona news, stringing for the Arizona Republic, Phoenix Gazette and other state papers. My mentor, Gary O’Brien, helped refine my vision and technical skills. My photojournalist’s eye plays into most every photograph I capture – even my dog photography.

Photojournalist to Educator

In 1995 I began teaching Documentary Photography at Colorado Mountain College (CMC). I currently teach photography and multimedia graphic design for the Isaacson School For New Media at CMC. I also teach photojournalism at a Community College of Denver. The opportunity to shoot as a photojournalist continues to thrill me, inspire my vision and the vision of my students.

Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

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Western Life
Flight For Life Memorial
Rescue Flight
Colorado Mountain College
Rescue Group Avalanche Training
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* Feature “Wild Art” Mix
Early Years
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* Israel

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