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Individual ~ Small Groups ~ Corporate

Private instruction for individuals, small groups and corporate groups. I can design a course specific to your needs including: 

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Basics of Adobe Software:
    • Lightroom
    • Photoshop
    • Bridge
  • Vision & Creative Approach

View student galleries and see work from basic-level students after a semester of learning with me.

Course Information


Basic Digital Photography topics covered:

  • Basic Camera layout & menus
  • Aperture & Shutter as Creative Controls
  • F-stop & Shutter as Exposure Controls
  • Exposure meters, Zone System, Histogram
  • Composition & the Math behind the beauty
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Inside the Digital Camera
  • Basics of Adobe Bridge, Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Creative Photoshop Techniques

Photographer  Matt Lit teaches digital photography & vision classes privately and in small groups to fit your schedule. Courses can be custom tailored for you or your small group:

  • Half-day, single or multiple
  • Weekends (Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday all day)
  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday all day)

Lessons taught: 

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Vision & Seeing: The Passion & the Art of Photography

Equipment Needed

Camera Equipment needed


  • D-SLR, mirrorless or compact capable of:

• Manual Exposure

• Display of Histogram

  • Multiple memory cards


  • Laptop (newer, faster is better)
  • Software
    • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop/Lightroom, Bridge)

Vision & Seeing topics covered:

  • Compositional guidelines
  • Adapting your vision & Seeing how the camera sees
  • Focal length to capture your vision
  • Getting it right IN the camera, not fixing it in Photoshop
  • Seeing light & learning to meter to capture what you see
  • Manipulating lighting for outdoor portraiture
  • Metering, the Zone System & your Histogram

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