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​the Wonders of Photography by Dennis Curtain

* ​This is the textbook Matt reviewed the manuscript for and is a featured photographer.  

Vision & Seeing topics covered:

  • Compositional guidelines & the math behind the beauty
  • Adapting your vision & Seeing how the camera sees
  • Focal length to capture your vision
  • Getting it right IN the camera, not fixing it in Photoshop
  • Seeing light & learning to meter to capture what you see​
  • Metering, the Zone System & your Histogram
canoe guide vision quest

A River's Path  Photography Education Canoe! 

Camera Equipment needed


  • D-SLR, mirrorless or "bridge" camera capable of:

​​                • Manual Exposure 

                • Display of Histogram

  • Multiple memory cards


  • Understanding of why you're picking up the camera in the first place
  • How Aperture & Shutter work in concert for creative outcomes and correct exposure
  • Understanding digital ISO and how to use

All my lessons include continued access to my videos, plenty of follow-up time for additional questions & photo review (within reason...full portfolio reviews and private tutoring available for a nominal fee.)

Learning Photography ON THE RIVER

  • Gear handling and packaging for the River/Outdoors.
  • Technical tools for Creative Outcomes.
  • Finding, exploring and expanding your creative vision
    • ​Scenics
    • Seeing the details around you
    • Photographing the people around you
  • Photography EDU materials are included. 
    • ​Matt's Basic Digital Photography Powerpoint
    • Wonders of Photography​ ​Text featuring Matt's work
    • ​Follow-up accessibility

The River's Path  Guided Canoe & Photography Workshops  

A Digital Photography Education partnership with The River's Path & Guide Lauren Bond Kovsky 

Photography education by canoe


  • Digital Asset Management...DAM!
  • Storing & Backing Up your images
  • Basics of Adobe Bridge, Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Tweaks, techniques & actions

Questions? Contact me!

Photography educator ​Matt Lit and The River's Path offer a unique approach to learning photography while connecting with the River by canoe. Join guide Lauren Bond Kovsky and Matt for a guided canoe trip and learn photography! 

9-Day Trip ~ June 2-10, 2018

Green river, Utah ~ Labyrinth Canyon
  • Green River, Utah ~ Ruby Ranch to Mineral Bottom
  • Follow-up online critique of your images to be scheduled after trip with individual help available!
  • Critiques on the River and lots of exploring! 
  • Tripods available FREE!

$1,295 Early Registration 

(Before April 15th...$650 deposit)
  $1,495 after April 15th ($750 deposit)

Limited to 12 people! 

Creative Vision:

  • Passion and inspiration for photography
  • Learning to previsualize in your mind and when you're "in the viewfinder"
  • Discovering your personal style
  • Continued inspirations for your vision & style

Adobe Bridge/Photoshop/Lightroom:

  • What's the difference?
  • Which program is right for me?
  • Basics of Workflow
  • Digital Asset Management​

Before the course starts: 

  • Get out your instruction manual. Learn your camera: 
    • Where the buttons are, what they do and where is the information presented to you. I'm going to teach you about photography but you need to learn your specific camera! 
  • ​Need help finding your instruction manual? Contact me and I'll help you find online. 


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All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use of photography prohibited by laws in the United States and Europe. Please respect my copyright and that of my students.

Computer Equipment needed


  • ​External Hard Drives (recommend 2 - 1TB)
  • USB thumb drives
  • Laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom

​NOTE: Not necessary for the River! These are suggestions for managing and processing images. 

1-Day TripS

St. Vrain Creek, Colorado
  • St. Vrain Creek - Tributary of the South Platte River
  • One day of paddling and learning photography! 
  • Afternoon critique. Professional review of your images using Adobe software to "work" them. 
  • Lunch included each day! 
  • Tripods available FREE!

Limited to 10 people! 

​​​Topic 1:What are the Creative Controls and Why they Matter & Exposure

  • Why are we picking up the camera in the first place? Taking the mystery out of the numbers. 
  • Taking the mystery out of Shutter Speeds, F-stops and ISO. Learn how they work together.

Topic 2:  Nature, People, Night Photography, Wildlife

  • Different areas of photography explored...from Nature to People & Wildlife and capturing night photography and stars with the vision of creating timelapses.​

​Post Trip: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Online Critique

  • Online critique of your images after the trip ends! Join Matt online and watch him post-process your photos and learn how to make them shine!  
  • Some trips will have a follow-up show and critique 

What's included when you learn with Matt

Basic Digital Photography topics covered:​​

  • Basic Camera layout & menus
  • Aperture & Shutter as Creative Controls
  • ​F-stop & Shutter as Exposure Controls
  • ​Exposure meters, Zone System, Histogram
  • Inside the Digital Camera