Basic Digital Photography topics covered:​​

  • Basic Camera layout & menus
  • Aperture & Shutter as Creative Controls
  • ​F-stop & Shutter as Exposure Controls
  • ​Exposure meters, Zone System, Histogram
  • Inside the Digital Camera

1-Day TripS

St. Vrain Creek, Colorado
  • St. Vrain Creek - Tributary of the South Platte River
  • One day of paddling and learning photography! 
  • Afternoon critique. Professional review of your images using Adobe software to "work" them. 
  • Lunch included each day! 
  • Tripods available FREE!

Limited to 10 people! 

​​​Topic 1:What are the Creative Controls and Why they Matter & Exposure

  • Why are we picking up the camera in the first place? Taking the mystery out of the numbers. 
  • Taking the mystery out of Shutter Speeds, F-stops and ISO. Learn how they work together.

Topic 2:  Nature, People, Night Photography, Wildlife

  • Different areas of photography explored...from Nature to People & Wildlife and capturing night photography and stars with the vision of creating timelapses.​

​Post Trip: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom Online Critique

  • Online critique of your images after the trip ends! Join Matt online and watch him post-process your photos and learn how to make them shine!  
  • Some trips will have a follow-up show and critique 

The River's Path  Guided Canoe & Photography Workshops  

A Digital Photography Education partnership with The River's Path & Guide Lauren Bond Kovsky 

Photography education by canoe

A River's Path  Photography Education Canoe! 

9-Day Trip ~ June 2-10, 2018

Green river, Utah ~ Labyrinth Canyon
  • Green River, Utah ~ Ruby Ranch to Mineral Bottom
  • Follow-up online critique of your images to be scheduled after trip with individual help available!
  • Critiques on the River and lots of exploring! 
  • Tripods available FREE!

$1,295 Early Registration 

(Before April 15th...$650 deposit)
  $1,495 after April 15th ($750 deposit)

Limited to 12 people! 

Adobe Bridge/Photoshop/Lightroom:

  • What's the difference?
  • Which program is right for me?
  • Basics of Workflow
  • Digital Asset Management​

Before the course starts: 

  • Get out your instruction manual. Learn your camera: 
    • Where the buttons are, what they do and where is the information presented to you. I'm going to teach you about photography but you need to learn your specific camera! 
  • ​Need help finding your instruction manual? Contact me and I'll help you find online. 


Camera Equipment needed


  • D-SLR, mirrorless or "bridge" camera capable of:

​​                • Manual Exposure 

                • Display of Histogram

  • Multiple memory cards


  • Understanding of why you're picking up the camera in the first place
  • How Aperture & Shutter work in concert for creative outcomes and correct exposure
  • Understanding digital ISO and how to use

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All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use of photography prohibited by laws in the United States and Europe. Please respect my copyright and that of my students.

All my lessons include continued access to my videos, plenty of follow-up time for additional questions & photo review (within reason...full portfolio reviews and private tutoring available for a nominal fee.)

Learning Photography ON THE RIVER

  • Gear handling and packaging for the River/Outdoors.
  • Technical tools for Creative Outcomes.
  • Finding, exploring and expanding your creative vision
    • ​Scenics
    • Seeing the details around you
    • Photographing the people around you
  • Photography EDU materials are included. 
    • ​Matt's Basic Digital Photography Powerpoint
    • Wonders of Photography​ ​Text featuring Matt's work
    • ​Follow-up accessibility


  • Digital Asset Management...DAM!
  • Storing & Backing Up your images
  • Basics of Adobe Bridge, Photoshop & Lightroom
  • Tweaks, techniques & actions

Questions? Contact me!

Photography educator ​Matt Lit and The River's Path offer a unique approach to learning photography while connecting with the River by canoe. Join guide Lauren Bond Kovsky and Matt for a guided canoe trip and learn photography! 

canoe guide vision quest

Creative Vision:

  • Passion and inspiration for photography
  • Learning to previsualize in your mind and when you're "in the viewfinder"
  • Discovering your personal style
  • Continued inspirations for your vision & style

Computer Equipment needed


  • ​External Hard Drives (recommend 2 - 1TB)
  • USB thumb drives
  • Laptop with Photoshop or Lightroom

​NOTE: Not necessary for the River! These are suggestions for managing and processing images. 


​the Wonders of Photography by Dennis Curtain

* ​This is the textbook Matt reviewed the manuscript for and is a featured photographer.  

Vision & Seeing topics covered:

  • Compositional guidelines & the math behind the beauty
  • Adapting your vision & Seeing how the camera sees
  • Focal length to capture your vision
  • Getting it right IN the camera, not fixing it in Photoshop
  • Seeing light & learning to meter to capture what you see​
  • Metering, the Zone System & your Histogram

What's included when you learn with Matt