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the Holga Plastic Toy Camera

The Holga Toy Camera was introduced in 1981. It became a "cult" camera for photographers seeking the unique image it is capable of producing. 

It features a fixed 60mm f8 lens. What sets the Holga apart is its unique flaws. The vignetting effect is caused due to the 120 format film not sitting flat in the camera. The curve of the film creates a blur and change in light off to the corners. Adding to this effect is the cheap plastic lens! 

The lens is a "zone focus" type with these focusing markings: 

While it features two apertures (f8 & f11) its design flaw has the f8 (larger opening) behind the f11 fixed plate! 

Matt has all his Holgas modified by Randy at! Randy is able to fix the aperture flaw creating two useable apertures. Matt also has Randy modify the lens to focus as close as 2 feet. Randy's 35mm modification allows Matt to shoot 35mm film resulting in a panoramic-style image in which the image flows right over the film's sprocket holes. 

Additionally, he tapes two pinholes inside (which leak light) and tapes the film rails with gaffer tape so film is not scratched by the sharp edges.

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